LanSong - Short Video SDK
It is a fully self-developed mobile audio and video processing platform that adopts layer architecture SDK technology and powerful audio and video processing functions. It can be dragged and positioned to every frame at will, as fast and smooth as silk; 90% of the specific functions in the SDK are called in one line, truly achieving one click integration, helping customers quickly build production grade apps
- Video Editing SDK -
1、Our SDK is based on a layer architecture, and all materials are stacked layer by layer
2、Each layer supports: adding, deleting, moving, rotating, scaling, hiding, filtering, etc
3、No mutual influence between layers, any combination
Each layer can contain materials such as videos, images, animations, videos, text, UI interfaces, etc
Each layer can be added, deleted, filtered, hidden, displayed, rotated, moved, scaled, and displayed in real-time
Video layer and camera layer can be added with sub layers to display multiple effects on the same screen
Professional video editing function
The LanSong Short Video SDK has all the functions of professional video editing. Video editing processing is based on the accuracy of frames, which can meet various processing methods for videos, images, and sounds in production. At the same time, developers can combine and create new gameplay based on actual business needs
GIF sticker
MV Special effects
Entrance Animation
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