LayerContainer SDK

The self-developed image real-time rendering overlay SDK eliminates the need for image development experience and provides a one-stop solution for customer integrated development applications

Support for various image sources

RGBA, YUV, texture input and output
Support for multiple camera inputs

Supports up to 5 camera surface inputs
Support layer operations

Crop, add, delete, move, rotate, scale, mirror, select, hide, transparency, etc
Support for multiple platforms

Android、 IOS、Windows
Support resolution adjustment

Development based on OpenGL language

Based on OpenGL language development, real-time rendering of input image sources
Supporting services
Free trial
DEMO testing experience available for free
Optimization / Upgrading
Cooperative customers can enjoy continuous SDK updates
Collaborative support
Actively respond to customer needs within the cooperation
Simple Customization
Simple customization can be made according to needs
Collaboration process
Apply for testing
Requirement communication
Integrated debugging
Achieve cooperation
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