Hair grade
Fine matting
Real time fast matting
Mobile GPU is used for real-time processing, and the sub change rate can be 720p, 1080p and 4K mainstream mobile phones, and the processing speed is less than 10ms
Hair level detail processing, fine matting
Background picture, background video, real-time replacement
The color is real and natural, and the matting is accurate
Live selling, shooting and synthesis, real and no sense of violation
We not only provide the green matting function, but a one-stop live image processing solution to meet the functional requirements of most live scenes. The green matting SDK is applicable to the development of mobile phone green screen live broadcast, game live broadcast, conference live broadcast, matting and other software, as well as Android Tablet hardware.
Green Matting SDK Function
One stop solution
What is virtual live broadcasting
Green Matting
Green Matting Live
It is based on our green screen matting technology (turning all green into transparent), Tiktok, real-time background, background video (product close-up, PPT publicity background, etc.), with live mobile phone recording function of virtual live broadcast.
Mobile GPU real-time processing, optimized fine calculation and transmission, and processing speed Fast, high resolution, full screen display, real-time hair grade precision Fine green screen matting for background
Anchor of content upgrading, merchants who win by products, and channel agents Display manufacturers, brand promotion manufacturers, bosses who want to be anchor
Our advantages
Who needs virtual live broadcast
GPU processing, hair grade green matting
Support 3 groups of green screen Pendant
Support multiple slots
Support resolution adjustment
There is no upper limit for adding picture and video layers
Support adding various background materials
Confluence extraction
Support beauty
Support scrolling text display
Support regional protection settings
Support green , blue , red and other matting
Support Bluetooth digital keypad

Serial numberFunctional classFunction details
1Green, blue and red   matting effectSupport different levels of green, such as dark green and light green. These green can be naturally removed in the same picture
Provide color protection adjustment and matting intensity adjustment functions, which is convenient for use in complex scenes (most do not need adjustment)
Support flexible selection of green, blue and red, and free switching
2Superimposed backgroundThe maximum resolution of the picture is 5000x8000 Maximum 4K resolution of video
Video and pictures can be switched quickly
The position and size of video and pictures can be adjusted manually and in real time
Video and pictures can be processed by filter, such as Gaussian blur
3Camera and beautyThe default is vertical full screen display, which can adjust the front and rear lenses, exposure, up and down mirror images, left and right mirror images, hiding and other functions
Support full screen, 9:16, 3:4 resolution setting
The camera picture can be moved, rotated, scaled, chamfered, customized inverted foot shape and style, etc
It has been connected to Xiangxin Meiyan, and can be externally connected to a third-party SDK Android is exported in the form of texture and returned in the form of texture after processing;
IOS outputs and inputs in the form of samplebuffer
4External input and regulationMulti slot interface. We reserve the interface of surface, which supports mediaplayer, ijkplayer and other players that support setsurface
Small pendant, which supports pictures and videos with pure green background. After pictures and videos are added, the green will be removed by default and become a transparent picture, with a maximum of 10 videos at the same time
Customize UI Support custom UI controls, such as common buttons, pictures, text boxes, etc. These UI interfaces will be superimposed as a layer and exported together when exporting data
External USB camera UVC open source control has setsurface interface, which supports the selection of external USB camera to the surface interface provided by us
Layer adjustment, which supports the adjustment of the upper and lower positions of layers. It is commonly used in multiple positions to display different pictures below or above
5Bluetooth KeyboardSupport common Bluetooth keyboards, Hangshi Bluetooth digital keyboards used in common live broadcasts, etc
6Data export (streaming)After various layers are superimposed, they are exported in the form of frames, and the Android end is in nv21 format The IOS end is bgra
The width and height of the outgoing frame can be modified in real time to adapt to different network bandwidth
The UI interface of external settings will also be superimposed with other layers and exported together

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