AI matting (no green matting)
• using NPU, CUDA and other processing, real-time portrait matting, and quickly create an immersive virtual scene • it is applicable to the integrated development of matting software such as green screen free live broadcast, conference live broadcast and exhibition hall
Support AI intelligent matting on five platforms including Android, IOS, windows, MAC and web
Multi platform AI matting
Matting anytime, anywhere and changing the background at will
Continuous optimization, fun special effects are constantly updated
Matting of pictures and videos in indoor, outdoor, tourist attractions, streets, bars, classrooms, parks, roadsides, fitness and other scenes; The background supports pictures and videos, which can be from the server or the material selected by the user, with a high degree of freedom.
Screen cloning, custom animation, virtualization, shadowless Kung Fu......
Local processing, no access to the server, no additional traffic payment
Offline AI matting model without traffic
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