AE template SDK (special effect template)
AE template
VLOG Template
  AE template (creative video) - art designers use Adobe After effects software to design effect templates on the PC side, use lansong SDK to analyze and restore technology, replace pictures or video materials in the mobile phone and preview the effect in real time, and finally synthesize the video to form the user's own cool video.   The function is very powerful. It can be used for special effects such as wechat commerce video, literature and art video, cool text video, publicity and display copywriting video, vlog video and so on.
The template video material is mainly pictures, which is a major feature function in video editing. It gives full play to the design talent of artists and does not need to write any code. Users only need to replace the material, which can be "one click" into a piece.
Easily edit the videos of travel, food and other life, complete the mirror movement without mobile phone, and generate blockbuster vlog with one click; Support importing to video editing for secondary editing.
AE template function list
FunctionFunction description
Support PC AE featuresvoiceIt supports exporting the sound in the AE template to MP3 or loading it into MP4 as an audio track
Underlying layer that does not need to be replacedSupport to export all the underlying opaque layers that do not need to be replaced as background video
Upper layer without replacementSupport the export of all transparent layers that do not need to be replaced as animation;
pictureIt supports exporting the animation motion track of the picture as a JSON description file
TransformSupport the move / rotate / scale / transparent animation of AE, and the animation can set n key frames
Picture end pointEnd time of the picture in AE project
Picture starting pointThe starting time of the picture in AE project
SDK side playback performancePreview listeningIt provides monitoring of playback progress, playback completion, export progress, export completion, errors, time changes, etc.
self-adaptionAccording to your settings, the preview window will be automatically adjusted to the mobile phone screen in equal proportion
What can be done on the SDK sidepick up informationYou can get the number of pictures in the current template, the start time point and display duration of each picture, and the width, height and total duration of the template.
Select picture / videoThe SDK returns how many pictures you should replace. Users can select videos or pictures before playing, or click the picture being played during playing to replace it directly.
Replace soundReplace music. It supports deleting the sound in the original template and replacing it with a new sound
Replace while playingDuring playback, if you want to replace the picture or video being played, click the play picture to replace it directly. After replacement, it will be played directly inside the SDK.
Adjust while playingAfter the replacement, if the position and size of the picture are not appropriate, such as the picture is displayed in the middle, but you feel it should be down, you can click the screen on the mobile phone to pull down the picture or video, or double finger zoom and rotate the picture or video. After adjustment, click play to play directly; Export directly.
Add textThe user-defined text can be added to the template. The text can be set with background color, background picture, font and stroke
Add logoSupport adding logo pictures in different positions in AE template
Export different resolutionsSupport to export different resolutions, 540p, 720p, 1080p

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